In 2015 we received 501-C(3) tax-exempt status as an organization whose goal is to promote the preservation, curation, and further development of Grout Hill Gardens for the purpose of providing the public an opportunity to enjoy and learn from visiting and interacting with the decades-old plantings. Our goal is to educate the public as to what can be successfully grown in our area and how to grow it well. To those ends, we have assembled a board of directors of professionals with a broad spectrum of skills and expertise in the fields of horticulture, management, and law to assist and advise on the development of the gardens. We are pleased to have the following individuals on our board of directors:

Chair and Director: Granville K Fenderson
Horticulturist Owner, The Gardening Service (term expires 2025)
Secretary-Treasurer and Director: Marianne W. Nevelson
Tax Collector and Secretary to the Trustees of Trust Funds, Town of Acworth, NH) (term expires 2025)
Director: Peter Van Berkum
Owner Van Berkum Nurseries (term expires 2024)
Director: Joann W. Vieira
Former Director of Horticulture, Tower Hill Botanic GardenĀ (term expires 2024)
Director: Doug Gagne
Horticulturist, former owner of The Mixed Border (term expires 2022)
Director: Sean Mahoney
Executive Vice President & Board Member, Maine Conservation Law Foundation, (term expires 2025)
Director: Laura Trowbridge
Horticulturist (term expires 2022)