Herbaceous Perennials

Herbaceous perennials form an important tapestry throughout the garden blending in as supplements to our collection of woody plants. Some of the most important groups include Primulas, Peonies, and Hemerocallis, Hellebores, and Irises.

But many others such as Phloxes, Pulmonarias, Trilliums, Acteas, Anemones, native Asters, Astilbes, Baptesias, Brunneras, Dictamnus, Digitalis, Epimediums, many ferns, Gillenias, Hostas, Rodgersias, Sanguinarias, and Thalictrums have formed large clumps or otherwise naturalized themselves throughout our plantings. We do have a number of ornamental grasses which add important architectural elements to the garden. But there are some maintenances issues as some varieties of Miscanthus can form massive clumps and others develop open centers if not divided and replanted.