Flowering Shrubs

Flowering and fruiting shrubs are an important backbone of our plantings. They range from Abelias to Zenobia. Viburnums are many, with V. tomentosum self-seeding around the garden. Viburnum trilobum, V. cassionides, and V. lentago, and their allies are not successful in the garden because of their lack of resistance to the Viburnum leaf beetle.

Our favorite is the native Viburnum lantanoides for its interesting architecture, handsome flowers, fruit, and fall color. Our native Ilex verticillata occurs spontaneously around the garden and is augmented by a number of cultivars. Summer flowering Hibiscus syriacus cultivars provide late-season interest. Among our other favorites are some mature specimens of Enkianthus campanulatus, cultivars of Fothergilla, Hamamelis, Hydrangea (especially H. paniculata) Cotinus, and Clethra cultivars.

The hardy trouble-free and poorly-known Abelia mosanensis with its fragrant pink flowers, glossy foliage, and autumn foliage is one of our underappreciated gems. We also believe that the very hardy, evergreen ericaceous Pieris floribunda is underutilized despite its rarity in the trade and its sometimes difficulty to establish.

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Cotinus coggygria ‘Velvet Cloak’