The genus Primula plays an important part in the gardens. A group of several hundred species, and even more cultivars, captivated my interest from an early date after having visited the garden of Primula enthusiast and nurserywoman Alice Hills Baylor in Johnson, Vermont. Primulas of many different types (most especially P. veris, P. elatior, P. japonica, and P. x bullesiana) have self-sown throughout the garden. In addition, we maintain a significant collection of species and hybrids of P. auricula, P. marginata, and related European species growing in containers. We also grow a number of forms of the easy and durable P. sieboldii from Japan.

1. Vernal Primulas

2. Primula Section Auricula species and hybrids

3. Candelabra Primulas

A signed copy of Kristian’s book A Synoptic Guide to the Genus Primula is available from the author (P.O. Box 188, Acworth, NH 03601) for $25.00 (USA only) including shipping.